Wednesday, February 10, 2010

{Paper Cookies Tutorial}

So many people asked me to give a little tutorial on the fortune cookies, so here we go! (just to preface, i did not create this project i saw it on the hambly studios blog and just had to try it. and i had to figure it out on my own, so this is just MY way of doing it)
The supplies you'll need are: 3 " circle punch, or other circle cutter, glue dots, and paper you'd like to use for your cookies
Take 3" in circle punch and make as many punched out circles as you'd like cookies.
fold circle in half with right sides facing, DO NOT crease all the way across, just pinch in the middle.
when crease is made apply a glue dot right ABOVE the crease line.
Now curl edges around to the back of the circle, leaving the crease in the middle straight still, but curling away from the glue dot. once curled you can fold again at the crease.
Use your fingers to pinch the creased area together, securing the glue dot together.
now pinch the ends together to make a point. but just the ends. This leaves the round look on the rest of the cookie.
Push the rounded edges down and form it to look like a cookie, just keep playing with it until it's the shape you want.
if you'd like to add a message, just print what you'd like and slip it in between the opening. And your done. A WORK OF ART!

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