Thursday, August 28, 2008

Through Veiwfinder PHOTOGRAPHY

So i saw these pictures on a site and was immediately drawn to them and thought they were stunning. When i was reading about them it explained her process! she takes the viewfinder of a camera and sticks in front of the lens of the camera she's using to take a photo, to get this framed shabby chic look! so i had to try it for myself! mind you these were my first tries, but i think it's a fun technique and can't wait to try it some more! find an old camera with a viewfinder and try it today! happy snapping!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ETSY shop!

i have an etsy shop, and one of the features is something called a TREASURY where you can highlight items that will be displayed on the main page for a few days! it's good exposure and free advertizing and i finally got my first one!
check it out and feel free to leave a comment!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

*** Announcement ***

I'm going to be teaching a MINI album class every month at the HEARTFELT CREATIONS store in sandy. It's off 9000 south and 7th east! OCT. 16th 6-9 pm is my "SpOoKy" mini chipboard album 5 x 5, NOV. 20th 6-9pm is my "Favorite Things" mini album class, and DEC. 11 6-9pm is my "Family Memories" black plastic tabbed mini album class! when i get pictures of my demo's i'll post them with the schedule and price for my class!


I've been on a book making frenzy lately all because of one machine.... THE ZUTTER it's a cutter for all materials to make that cute rectangle edge cut to make books and albums. It also will bind your book too! it's the greatest thing ever! it's been fun to use up all my random left over goods in books. For fun pages and dividers! here are a few examples!

All that's left to do after you bind your book, is embellish, tie some ribbons, add some photo's and a mini album, or book for everyone to enjoy! AND NOT TO MENTION THAT THEY ARE TONS OF FUN!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Old idea, But So Cute!

Do any of you have an old card board box laying around? Well then your already on your way to a darling mini album. I've been addicted to these lately! They are so easy to make and FREE because all you need to re purpose is a box. And then use any scrapbooking supplies you have on hand or like. It works with any color scheme, and any theme! they are so fun! they look so classic too! I like to bind mine with the ZUTTER machine! and tie ribbons on the binding! Look in your house today for a empty cardboard box and START creating a wonderful keepsake for YOUR family!