Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

{Scrapbook USA Expo}

Scrapbook USA
I know it's totally silly but i get SO EXCITED about the scrapbook expo. I love scrapbooking so much. & it's so fun to spend 2 days with family and friends shopping, getting sweet deals, laughing, and scrapping! it's coming up soon and I'm counting the days!
Yay! i can't wait! sweet deals here i come! haha

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

{Paper Cookies Tutorial}

So many people asked me to give a little tutorial on the fortune cookies, so here we go! (just to preface, i did not create this project i saw it on the hambly studios blog and just had to try it. and i had to figure it out on my own, so this is just MY way of doing it)
The supplies you'll need are: 3 " circle punch, or other circle cutter, glue dots, and paper you'd like to use for your cookies
Take 3" in circle punch and make as many punched out circles as you'd like cookies.
fold circle in half with right sides facing, DO NOT crease all the way across, just pinch in the middle.
when crease is made apply a glue dot right ABOVE the crease line.
Now curl edges around to the back of the circle, leaving the crease in the middle straight still, but curling away from the glue dot. once curled you can fold again at the crease.
Use your fingers to pinch the creased area together, securing the glue dot together.
now pinch the ends together to make a point. but just the ends. This leaves the round look on the rest of the cookie.
Push the rounded edges down and form it to look like a cookie, just keep playing with it until it's the shape you want.
if you'd like to add a message, just print what you'd like and slip it in between the opening. And your done. A WORK OF ART!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

{Valentine Crayons}

For this ... you'll need... crayons, new or remnants and silicone shaped cupcake cups. I chose heart shaped ones.
Place broken up crayon bits in cups, place them on a cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for 2 minute incriminates until melted.
When melting was complete i took the cookie sheet out on a hot pad, and poured ice water on the tray to help with cooling.
When fully cooled peel back silicone and take out crayon shapes! so cute! on these ones below i used a toothpick while they were still cooling off to mix the color and you get a run zig zag line formed in the color.
I can't wait to give these as valentines to my children's teachers!
I also made some monochromatic ones.
so cute!

{Paper Cookies}

When i saw this idea on a blog this morning i knew i had to try it! :) My sister machelle is getting married in june and is having an oriental themed reception. These would be perfect for that! so i made some up in her colors in papers matching her signing book! and she approves so we'll be adding this to wedding decor with a personalized wedding message inside! fun and easy!
Aren't these so cute?
They look JUST like a real cookie! GENIUS!

{Valentine FUN}

How cute are these printable valentines ? so dang cute! can you guess my 2 favorite ones on this sheet of 8 ? leave a comment. The winner will get a free gifty!
right click on this image and save to your computer to use for your valentines!

Monday, February 8, 2010

{Altered Project}

Here is a little valentine box that i made from a laundry soup container! Reusing different objects is such a fun challenge! i love how this turned out!
Here is what is started as,
and here is what it turned into!
use a knife to cut a whole in the lid, so that all your valentine goodies will fit through.

Embellish with all your favorite supplies. For a customized fun valentine box your kids will be sure to love.
Supplies: Pattern Paper, Rub on's: Fancy Pants Journaling spot: Making Memories Letters, stickers: American Crafts Jewels: Prima Transparency: Hambly Other: Vintage lace

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

{UK Edition Finally Arrived}

After many emails and lots of waiting, i FINALLY have my hands on an ACTUAL issue of the UK edition of Cards magazine where my card is featured on the cover! YAY! Thanks to a reader in Ireland Deirdre who contacted me and let me know i was on the cover, she bought me a copy and sent it to me! here is my copy as it looked when i got it in the mail today!
In it's protective bag, as sold in their craft store. It also included some decorative cardstock to try for samples. Cool!
Here is Issue FEB. 2010 it lists the price for the UK AUS and NZ editions! COOL!
Just to prove it's me haha close up of my name!
My card is also featured inside the magazine. on page 51

Monday, February 1, 2010


I spy craftiness is on the search for a guest spy designer for the month of March. Do you have what it takes to be a spy in the craftiness industry? Do you love to craft, scrap, sew or anything that would be spy worthy? Then we want YOU To enter. Email the following to:

Answers to this simple spy quiz.
#1 What inspires you? (color,magazines, sketches etc.)
#2 What do you always find yourself reaching for when doing a project?
(bling, rub-ons etc.)
#3 Who is your Scrapbook Hero?
#4 Why do you Craft?
#5 Why do YOU want to be a guest spy designer?

A Spy Photo of you and a link to your blog and gallery

There are two sketches that you have to complete by using our very own Spy hand drawn sketch (HDS) found below. These 2 layouts are what we will use to pick our "SPY" so show us what is up your sleeve.

When chosen for our guest spy designer you will be required to do: A different project that must be submitted by Monday of that week. Weeks 1 and 3 you already have taken care of with your sketches you provided upon submitting. Week 2 you must do a card, week 4 you must do a Altered Project, and week 5 is a layout. The winner will get the "spycifics" when the contest is complete on when and where to post

Contest starts February 1st and runs through midnight on February 27th. Winner will be contacted on February 28th and one of the winning sketches will be posted on Monday March 1st.

Here are the sketches you must use to submit to this call:

week 1

Week 3

If you have any questions email us at or visit our go to our blog at