Tuesday, June 30, 2009

{Cosmo Cricket Designe Team Call}

I decided to try for the COSMO CRICKET design team. i love their product so i decided to go for it. here are some layouts and cards i needed to post so that they could review my style! it would be a blast to design for them. they seem really cool and laid back, which i am too :) so i think they would be a BLAST to work with.
let me know what you think!
Thanks Cosmo Cricket for the opportunity :)

This baby mama
happy camper


GASP Layout

Our summer @ a glance


Watching you grow
All about me

you make my heart whirrrrr :)

Monday, June 29, 2009


My mom as you might know from earlier posts has an etsy shop, and she has recently posted some new items. She's got bottle caps galore in some of the FUNNEST colors and designs. most of them are vintage unused bottle caps. they are totally cute. click {HERE} to go to her shop.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

{ Crop Night }


Sunday, June 21, 2009


I FINALLY got my issue of cards yesterday ! so here is the latest! it's kind of a long story but they wanted this card so i mailed it to them. then weeks later they said they hadn't received it. so i searched all over town for replacement materials to make a duplicate. and couldn't find the exact ones but Alisha still ok'd it and told me to bring the replacement in to her office. so to my surprise, when i got to see the issue, i was in shock that the original was in the mag. apparently a week later the original card showed up in the mail .... thanks USPS for being "dependable" .... so she hurried and sent it out for photography. she also said she was sending me BOTH cards back and some extra goodies for the trouble! also I'm the FIRST card in this issue and I'm on a TITLE page. which I've never been on before! i know it's no GOLD medal, or Pulitzer, no Oscar either! but it's fun for me! and I'll give myself a high five anyway! ha ha! hope you think it's rad too!
2 page spread :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

{ ETSY fun }

I've had an ETSY shop for quite some time now, and have been fortunate enough to have some returning customers. i thought i would SPOTLIGHT one of those customers. SLEEPFOREVER is one of my customers that buys lace quite often. She makes these cute doll dresses. Click HERE to see her shop on etsy.
She uses my lace on her dresses as trim. cute cute!
i love this one with the side clip in her hair.
i love the retro fabric!
So stop by her shop and check them out on the link above. if you like this lace i have some listed in my shop. Click on the link here. Fun Fun!

Monday, June 15, 2009

{ Fun Flyers }

For our upcoming china themed activity i made these fun reminder / invites. i used scrapbook paper with a red print and printed my invite on the white side. i then rolled each end up half way to mimic a Chinese scroll. i tied each with black lace. stamped a Chinese sentiment on a piece of white card stock, rounded the corners and punched a whole. i then tied that too the scroll with gold string. i then dipped one side in a versa mark ink pad and in black embossing powder, giving the edge a glossy black shine! i thought they turned out really fun!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

{ Accepted For Publication }

I just got word that 2 of my current submissions to CARDS magazine have been accepted for Publication! I'm stoked! i LOVE their magazine and it's been fun to submit each month and see my name on it's pages when i get my issue in the mail. I love being challenged with my creativity. When submitting you use their LIST of themed cards they want in their issue. which is fun because the subjects are sometimes NOT what i would make usually! so it's a lot of fun! click { HERE } to see their web site! Add their blog to your blog to see fun stuff. click { HERE } it has sneak peaks and inspiration and good idea's and tricks! Here are the 2 cards that will grace the NOVEMBER 2009 Issue of cards magazine!

Monday, June 8, 2009

{ Junk Mail Update }

Here is the layout i ended up doing with the RAD junk mail i found. i'll have to tell you it was harder than i thought to use, with the wide color range without it looking totally busy .... so i hope it turned out ok! i thought it was pretty cool. The journaling talks about what i'm into RIGHT NOW! fun fun!