Sunday, June 21, 2009


I FINALLY got my issue of cards yesterday ! so here is the latest! it's kind of a long story but they wanted this card so i mailed it to them. then weeks later they said they hadn't received it. so i searched all over town for replacement materials to make a duplicate. and couldn't find the exact ones but Alisha still ok'd it and told me to bring the replacement in to her office. so to my surprise, when i got to see the issue, i was in shock that the original was in the mag. apparently a week later the original card showed up in the mail .... thanks USPS for being "dependable" .... so she hurried and sent it out for photography. she also said she was sending me BOTH cards back and some extra goodies for the trouble! also I'm the FIRST card in this issue and I'm on a TITLE page. which I've never been on before! i know it's no GOLD medal, or Pulitzer, no Oscar either! but it's fun for me! and I'll give myself a high five anyway! ha ha! hope you think it's rad too!
2 page spread :)


Dave & Amy said...

I think it is amazing! I should have given you a high five when you saw it at the store! Your face was priceless!

Malinda Andrew said...

i hope my face wasn't hideous! haha!