Thursday, June 11, 2009

{ Accepted For Publication }

I just got word that 2 of my current submissions to CARDS magazine have been accepted for Publication! I'm stoked! i LOVE their magazine and it's been fun to submit each month and see my name on it's pages when i get my issue in the mail. I love being challenged with my creativity. When submitting you use their LIST of themed cards they want in their issue. which is fun because the subjects are sometimes NOT what i would make usually! so it's a lot of fun! click { HERE } to see their web site! Add their blog to your blog to see fun stuff. click { HERE } it has sneak peaks and inspiration and good idea's and tricks! Here are the 2 cards that will grace the NOVEMBER 2009 Issue of cards magazine!

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Mandee said...

For the love, soooooo, cute I am so proud of you way to go now i dont know if I should bow at your feet or say praise mary!
It is a pleasure to be your friend:D