Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Circle Journal

so i'm in this circle journal group, and the first one i got was Stephanie Fugal's. Who had the best idea ever to use a ROLODEX as her album! I loved doing my submission on her rolodex and wanted to share it because it's such a RAD idea. So WHOO WHOOO HUUURAY and get a rolodex and make one too!
Steph's Rolodex Circle Journal

Here's Mine

How Cute is this ??? i love her creativity and it's going to be so cute to see after everyone has done their submissions!

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Mandee Gillen said...

So fun, i cant wait to get this cute book. If only I can get Midge to get on the stick and pass my the past two books:0
So cute Hoo Hoo Cutchoo