Thursday, July 3, 2008


I've started saving all the adds that come in the mail, tags from clothes, and anything that i think MIGHT be able to be altered in some way, or used as inspiration for a card, or layout. I've even been saving candy wrappers. I'll post a picture of the layout i do with those. it should be fun. try finding inspiration all around you! any design, color combination, or visual element can inspire you and refresh your style! try getting INSPIRED today!

i liked the layout of this add. with the curvy red strip going across and the 2 circles on the right. it would be such a good place for photo's or journaling spots.

I loved these candy wrappers when i saw the kids unwrapping a treat at the parade. and i don't now why i thought to save them for a layout. but i did. the colors jumped at me for a summer layout of some kind. so see what's around you to use for inspiration.

These are clothing tags that i altered for gift tags. these were both tags from jeans. i just covered up the label's name with pattern paper or decorative tape. have fun with the things that aren't made for paper crafting. it can be very fun to be creative and think outside the box.

this is a layout i did using various "recycled" items. old playing cards, dry cleaning tags, a page from a dictionary, and paper streamers. have fun with different things that can open the doors for creativity!

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