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{Featured in German Scrapbooking Magazine}

A german magazine contacted me months ago and wanted to feature me in their scrap art magazine, and my issue of the mag came today! yay! i'm their international guest scrapper for their spring issue!
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For those who DON'T speak German.... here are the questions they asked me and my answers which is what is published in the article.

First of all - tell us a little about yourself - your age, where do you live, your family ...!
I’m a 30 year old stay at home mom of 3, but soon to be 4 children. I have a lovely husband whom I've been married to for 8 ½ years. I live in the state of Utah in the United States of America. I LOVE TO CREATE! I've been crafting all my life and love a number of different creative outlets! I also love to play sports! i still play competitive soccer, and basketball with other women in my area! I’m also a self taught photographer, and own my own business so that makes scrapbooking even more fun for me!

When did you start Scrapbooking and how did you discover your passion for Scrapbooking? i’ve been scrapbooking since i was a teenager, but gave it up once i got married. with a lack of good supplies i felt like i wasn’t creating anything good. i continued making greeting cards through the years, until a friend convinced me to get back into scrapbooking. 5 years ago i picked it back up and i’m so glad i did! i LOVE it! it’s such an expressive way to remember your life and i’ve loved every second of it.

How did you integrate your Hobby in your daily structure? after my children are off to school, i tend to put my “Creative time” ahead of many other things, such as housework, and tend to get a few projects/pages done a day before my kids arrive back home! then i spend the time they are in bed around the house with my chores and etc. i also find myself looking at my everyday routine and finding inspiration in everyday things and supplies that could work on a scrapbook page or card. it’s fun to think outside of the box sometimes!

What is the most fascinating thing for you in scrapbooking? The most facinating thing for me is the DESIGN process. that is one thing that comes very natural for me and comes quite quickly! it doesn't take me long to have a page come together in front of me and it’s so fun to see that happen!

What does your family think about your passion?
they LOVE it ! especially my 7 year old daughter! who loves to pull out her “OWN” bin of supplies and create projects by my side! she’s got the knack for it and is a very creative artist! My husband also enjoys that i can make my own cards, and gifts without purchasing as many things at the store! and a handmade gift makes others feel like it came from the heart! it’s also a great way to decorate my home which makes our house feel like a warm and inviting place to be for our family!

For many people - Scrapbooking is much more than only putting pictures into Albums and decorating a little here and there. What is Scrapbooking for you? it’s a way to keep memories, almost like a journal for me! a way to document our life that’s also beautiful to look at and a creative outlet for me! it’s something my kids treasure and want to look at all the time. to remember what we’ve done, been through, and fun memories we’ve made! it’s nice to journal on every page so we can remember the details of events! so it’s much more that just a picture on a page for me! it’s my heritage!

For Scrappers, it's always super-interesting to take a peek into the creative spaces of other Scrappers. Could you send us a picture of your Scrap-Space where you create your art? (and if possible one picture of yourself working in your Studio)

For you - what comes first when it comes to a Layout: The photo? The Page-idea? The story you want to tell? it really depends for me! sometimes it’s the photo, sometimes a page idea, but usually what works the BEST for me … is taking a photo, deciding if i’m using a Black and white photo, or color, and then pick a cardstock base, and then work from there finding paper, and embellishments! and then i sit down and start cutting. The design usually comes quite naturally without too much thinking ahead! i like what the spontinaity of that process does for me!

How would you describe your style? Simple and clean. I like to keep things simple and really have the main part of the page be the focus. sometimes too many embellishments take your eye away from the focus of a layout. so i try to keep that in mind while i’m creating.

What things do you draw inspiration from? everyday things …. really ! i love looking at things and finding a reason or way to use them on layouts or other projects! i love using old bingo cards on projects, and mini albums! i love the vintage chic look!

How long does it take you - approximately - to finish one layout? 15-20 minutes. especially if i have the photo’s printed already!

What is your most scrapped topic/theme? Kids, and holidays!

What - from your point of view - is most important for a good scrapbook-page ... perfect pictures? The colours? Papers? Embellishments? good pictures REALLY make a huge difference in the outcome of a page. getting into photography and learning to take better picture really started to change the overall outcome of my projects for me! it really makes the page pop for me!

Do you have any "idols" when it comes to scrapbooking? Any people you adore for their scrap-style or something like that? i really like ali edwards, Elsie Flannigan, Elizabeth Kartchner, and alisha gordon. Their style is the same simple and clean and creative! i really love looking at the projects they create!

If you could choose only 5 products/supplies to work with for the next 4 weeks - what would it be??? Cardstock, pattern paper, paper doilies, jewels, & decorative masking tape.

What do you think: what´ll be a trend in 2011? Many more decorative masking tapes, Banners, Ruffles with ribbon, popped out elements for 3d effects. I've been doing that a lot lately to focus on one embellishment and it really makes a statement!

What should every scrapbooker had in their Craft-Room? tv , radio or ipod, sewing machine, typewriter, and a good storage unit for supplies! for me staying organized is key to getting a layout done quickly and the way i want. Knowing where everything is helps my creative process!

Are you critical when it comes to judging your own pieces of work or are you always satisfied with the way your layouts turn out? yes i’m my biggest critic i think! sometimes i really love what i do, other times, i second guess and wonder if it’s all that it needs to be.

What kind of music do you enjoy listening to? Do you listen to music while scrapping? i love up tempo moving music while i scrapbook, things that get you singing or wanting to dance around, i love a lot of kinds of music, but some of my favorites on my scrapbook playlist are: 30 seconds to mars, the veronica’s, Micheal Jackson greatest hits, paramore, maroon 5, katy perry, and tears for fears!

What is you "All-Time-Favourite" Layout/Project you have ever created? Why? (if possible add a photo of it)

What kind of Album-System do you have for your Layouts?!? Chronological? Random? How many "finished" Albums do you have and how many "Albums in progress"? i’m a random girl! because i started so late and had so many photo’s accumulated, i just started by scrapping my favorite photo’s rather that doing it chronologically! it felt so overwhelming to feel like i had to scrap EVERYTHING and that made it not fun. so i made a goal to scrap my favorites and feel OK with just putting the other ones in books that hold 4x6 photo’s. i have them so each child is in their OWN book, and a family book, one for pages about my husband and i, and a personal book just for me! i have 32 finished 12x12 albums and 4 in the works! and have about 20 mini albums!

Is Scrapbooking a way to decorate your home? YES! i love finding ways to use my creative obsession in my home! i love thinking of home decor idea’s especially for holiday decorating, and for birthdays!

What is your biggest achievement in Scrapbooking so far? What are your goals for the future regarding your "scrapbooker life"? i’ve been published in CARDS magazine quite a bit, i was on the cover of CARDS in the UK also i’ve been featured in SCRAPBOOK TRENDS magazine and also had a cover on that magazine as well! i’ve also been featured in the magazine HANDMADE for other craft projects i have done which is fun! i’ve been blessed to design for different product companies, and scrapbook stores and i really would love to turn my scrapbooking into a profitable side job! that is my biggest goal! to be well known enough to make the love of my hobby into a profession!

Besides Scrapbooking - do you have any other creative passions/hobbies? i love all kinds of crafting, i crochet, sew, love to make wood seasonal decorations and magnet boards. i also love to make headbands, and other hair accesories! i have an etsy shop which i sell these additional items as well. pretty much if it’s crafty … i LIKE TO DO IT!

Do you have a website/Blog you can share with us? my scrapbooking / craft blog is and i have an shop

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