Saturday, January 22, 2011

{Featured Artist in Scrap Art Magazine}.

In mid November i was contacted by an editor of a German scrapbooking / crafting magazine that had seen my work and blogs and wanted to feature me in one of their issues as their INTERNATIONAL FEATURED ARTIST. I told her i would be delighted to do so and she said she would send me some interview questions explaining what i needed to do. Well until 2 weeks ago i hadn't ever heard back from her. i was a little bummed but figured oh well. 2 weeks ago she emailed me wondering if i had finished the interview questions... i was stunned... had i misplaced her email ??? not responded ?? deleted it on accident ?? dang it i blew my chances by forgetting ??? through endless searches through my email i found that i hadn't received her email. So she re sent them realizing she had never sent them, she had typed it up but it had an error on her end and didn't get emailed to me! YAY! i was ecstatic that this opportunity was still there for me! so i filled them out and took pics of projects, my scrap space, and did all the things listed to be featured in their mag! and i did it in time to be in their spring issue! it will hit newsstands in Germany March 15th! (which is the date i'm due to have my baby as well) and they will send me a personal copy that should arrive 2 - 3 days before that! i'm so excited to see what they use, and what projects they choose to feature! they also asked for a hand written note which was personally signed to their readers, so that will be fun to see my signature in a mag! i feel blessed to have a hobby that i love and one that other people enjoy as well and appreciate! i'll post pictures of the magazine when i receive it! :)

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GomollDesign said...

Malinda, so glad to have you join us for our upcoming issue! Thanks!